Featured Athlete: Love of photography, music power Cordell athlete

  • ABOVE: Senior Gavin Jasmer demolishes a Mangum ball carrier. RIGHT: Jasmer spins a discus before throwing it. PHOTOS BY FLORA WALTERS
    ABOVE: Senior Gavin Jasmer demolishes a Mangum ball carrier. RIGHT: Jasmer spins a discus before throwing it. PHOTOS BY FLORA WALTERS
  • Love of photography, music power Cordell athlete
    Love of photography, music power Cordell athlete
  • Jasmer shows what powerthrowing a shotput looks like.
    Jasmer shows what powerthrowing a shotput looks like.

Senior Gavin Jasmer has a deep love for nature, and a passion for capturing its beauty on film.

Thanks to his mother, Jasmer got his first camera during sophomore year, kickstarting his interest in photography.

“My favorite thing to shoot is nature, it’s just so special,” Gavin said.

Jasmer’s fascination with the outdoors is why he aspires to work in a national park.

“I plan to go to college for history and forestry, to work in a national park. I just want to be in nature. I want to be either by the great lakes, in the Rockies, or in Maine. I don’t know why nature draws me in, it’s just so beautiful and alluring,” Gavin said.

Another art Jasmer has a passion for is music, whether it be listening or creating it.

“I play bass guitar, I’m a big music fan. I use it for everything. I’m always listening to tunes. Lynyrd skynyrd is my favorite band. I used to listen to that stuff with my mom growing up,” Gavin said.

Jasmer’s mother is his biggest role model, and who he credits for his happy-go-lucky attitude.

“She is always happy, so that’s why I try to stay happy. Nothing brings her down; that’s how I want to be,” Gavin said.

Working as a truck driver in the oilfield, Jasmer’s father isn’t at home very often, but the pair still have a strong bond.

“I don’t talk to him as much as I should, because I don’t see him a lot; but I have a bunch of father figures in my life to make up for it. He knows I love him, and I know he’s proud of me. That’s what matters,” Gavin said.

A significant father figure in Jasmer’s life was his first football coach, Dustin Beasely.

“Coach Beasely was my first coach. I miss him. He was funny, but he knew his stuff. I enjoyed being on his team. Practices were hard and grueling, but you never felt hated. He loved his job and he loved coaching,” Gavin said.

Jasmer’s fondest memories of football are ones that include Beasely.

“I loved going to his house on Wednesday nights to watch football film with all the guys, and going to morning workouts, because he would bring donuts sometimes,” Gavin said.

When Beasely had to leave Cordell, it was heartbreaking for Jasmer; but the memories and lessons he learned made it bittersweet.

“He was one of my father figures. He taught me how to be a good sport, a good player, and a good man. He inspired me to work hard; he whipped me into shape. I think without him I would have never gotten fit, or had the success that I have now, “ Gavin said.

Beasley cherished the time he spent as Jasmer’s coach, and strongly believes he has a bright and fulfilling future ahead of him

“Gavin is a fine young man that has always worked hard in the classroom and in athletics. His understanding of what it takes to be successful is one of his strengths. Gavin will be successful in life because he is willing to do the work to be successful. Gavin is a fine young man who is a fine representation of Cordell. I hope he gets everything in life that he deserves,” Beasley said.

The work ethic he picked up from Beasley, along with wisdom from another one of his mentors is what drives Jasmer’s love and devotion for shot put and disc throwing.

The mentor who introduced Jasmer to throwing was Tyler Wedel, an upperclassman who did his best to pass all of his knowledge down to Jasmer.

“He taught me to throw and get good at it. I’ve been trying to beat his record, and this year is my last chance, so I’m looking forward to that,” Gavin said.

Making it to the state competition for throwing is Jasmer’s goal for the year.

“My main focus is throwing, it’s alluring. There’s something about being in the ring, everything gets quiet, everyone is anticipating the throw. You start spinning, you let go of the disc and feeling you get from the perfect throw is otherworldly. It’s magical,” Gavin said.


YEAR: Senior

PARENTS: Margee and Daniel Jasmer

FRIENDS: Andrea Palmer, Laeklin Norris, Spencer Williams, Tugger Selman, Bode Gallagher, Raydon Kuehne

HOBBIES: Photography, Hiking, playing Smash Bros. with Spencer and Tugger, Working out

SPORTS: Wrestling, Football, Track, Academic Team