Print and Online Advertising

The Cordell Beacon offers online and print advertising to get your business, organization, or message to its readers. Our newspaper is read by residents and visitors in Cordell, Oklahoma and Washita County and is mailed out to readers all over the United States. Advertising is easy and it works — we'll even design your ad for you!

For additional information on newspaper advertising, online advertisements, special inserts, special publications, and more, please call us at 580-832-3333 or email
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Print Advertising

Our display advertising is sold by the column inch (number of columns wide multiplied by height in inches). Standard ad sizes include: 1/8 page (3 col. X 5 in.), 1/4 page (3 col. X 10.5 in.), 1/2 page (6 col. X 10.5 in.), and Full page (6 col. X 20.75 in.).
In addition to our standard display advertising, The Cordell Beacon also offers these options:
Inserts - Have your pre-printed inserts distributed with our issues.
Business Directory - Your business card size ad under a category of your choosing (Yard Work, Excavation, etc.) displayed on our Business Directory pages.
Devotional Page - Display your business card on our weekly Devotional Page.
Specifications & Measurements
The Cordell Beacon is offset printed on a page measuring 11.75 inches wide by 20.75 inches deep. The page is separated into 6 columns, each 1.736 inches wide. Full and spot color are available.


1 column wide: 1.75 inches
2 columns wide: 3.75 inches
3 columns wide: 5.75 inches
4 columns wide: 7.75 inches
5 columns wide: 9.75 inches
6 columns wide: 11.75 inchesAdvertising Deadline
This newspaper is published every Wednesday, with deadlines for news on Mondays at 4pm and advertising on Tuesdays at noon.

Policy & Payment

All advertising subject to approval. All advertisements must be bordered. No upside-down ads will be accepted. Position is not guaranteed, but special requests will be adhered to where possible. Not responsible for errors in advertising after first publication.
Payment for display and classified advertising must be in advance, except for those with established accounts. We accept VISA and MasterCard. All political advertising must be paid in advance.

Online Advertising

The Cordell Beacon offers online advertising to get your business, organization, or message to its readers. Advertising is easy and it works — we'll even design your ad for you.
Advertising online with any or all of our publications increases your exposure with readers who want Washita County information. Our readers — your potential customers — visit our sites for local news and events, as well as to find out what’s happening in Washita County. Unlike random visitors to random websites, our readers have an interest in the region we serve. Don’t miss out on catching these eyes!
Leaderboard (728x90) and Rectangle (300x250) ads are available on all websites. Rates packages available for individual or selected publications. Discounts available for print and online.
For information about online advertising, please contact 580-832-3333 or email