Teachers Deserve To Have A Voice

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By State Representative Todd Russ

I was disturbed to read a recent news story about a Louisiana teacher’s arrest after she stood up at a school board meeting and questioned why the superintendent was getting another salary raise while teachers and support staff were not. At the superintendent’s direction, a marshal was summoned to confront the woman, who is seen on video leaving the meeting room voluntarily. The video then shows the teacher in the hallway on the floor being handcuffed and then pulled down the hallway and put into a patrol car. The teacher says on the video that she was pushed to the floor by a marshal and that she was not resisting arrest. A city prosecutor and an attorney for the school board later chose not to press charges against the teacher.

I understand meetings have certain decorum. If the teacher was not on the agenda or not recognized to speak then the superintendent or board president had the right to ask her to sit down and either wait to be recognized or request time to speak at a future meeting. Having her forcibly arrested, however, seems a step too far.


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