Washita County COVID-19 cases see decline


The Oklahoma State Department of health on Tuesday reported Washita County’s eith COVID-19 related death. A man in the 65-plus age group was the reported death.

Washita County’s number of new positive COVID-19 cases has slowed significantly over the past week, figures from the Oklahoma State Department of Health show.

The total number testing positive in the county is now 1,043. It was 1,024 a week ago, an increase of 19 over last week. Two weeks ago the number was 993 and three weeks ago it stood at 968.

Of the 1,043 cases, 983 have recovered, the OSDH said.

Of the positive cases, Cordell has the most with 320. Of those, 301 have recovered. Last week there were 312 positive cases. Of those, 291 had recovered.

Burns Flat, which had 139 a week ago, now has 142 positive cases, the second highest number in the county. Of those, 132 have recovered, the OSDH said.

Burns Flat also has one of the reported deaths in the county. Canute has 131 compared to 127

Canute has 131 compared to 127 last week and has the third highest number in the county. Sentinel has 107. Of the 131 cases in Canute, 120 have recovered and 101 have recovered in Sentinel.

Sentinel also has one of the deaths in the county attributed to COVID-19, the OSDH reports.

Other communities in Washita County reporting positive cases and the number recovered include: Dill City 61 and 61; Rocky 37 and 33.

Statewide as of Monday, 414,272 people have tested positive, there have been 4,041deaths and 398,035 who have recovered. Active cases stand at 21,196, the OSDH said.

Last week there were 404,994 testing positive, there had been 3,817 deaths and 374,950 had recovered. There were 26,227 active cases a week ago.

This week on Monday, the OSDH reported 730 new positive cases confirmed and 17 additional deaths.

The OSDH reports more than 2,934,000 people have tested negative.