County Declares State of Emergency

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In response to several extreme weather incidents and the resulting damage, the Washita County Board of Commissioners officially declared a state of emergency during their Monday, June 3, 2019, regular meeting. The declaration, which is a necessary first step for requesting state and federal disaster assistance, was passed unanimously by the commissioners.

“Whereas, from April 30 - May 31, 2019, flooding conditions and tornadic storms having occurred in Washita County, Oklahoma, causing zero known fatalities and zero known injuries, with considerable damage to public and private properties; and whereas, immediate attention is required to protect public health, reduce further damage, ensure public safety, and render emergency relief; and whereas, I, Leo Goeringer, County Commissioner Board Chair of Washita County, Oklahoma, do find that the aforementioned conditions constitute a threat to the safety and welfare of the county, and create an emergency disaster situation within the meaning of Section 683.3, Oklahoma Emergency Act of 2003, as hereby declare Washita County to be in a state of emergency and a disaster area, entitled to aid, relief, and assistance and do hereby direct the implementation of the County Emergency Operations Plan,” the declaration read.

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