Sine Die But Not So Long

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The House and Senate adjourn this week, a week before we are constitutionally required to Sine Die. This is a good thing. It means we’ve accomplished our goals for this session and we save the taxpayers a smidgen of money.

The one thing the Legislature is constitutionally bound to accomplish each legislative session is a balanced state budget. We did that again this year, passing an $8.1 billion state appropriations’ bill – the largest in state history, but without having to raise one penny of new taxes. This budget prioritizes education; health care; public safety and transportation, including our county roads and bridges. It also increases funding for many other rural services, such as rural fire management, Rural Economic Area Partnership programs, nursing homes, rural hospitals and senior nutrition centers. And, we also get to save some money in case of future economic downturn. This is prudence.

We also accomplished some much needed reforms this session, such as ensuring better agency accountability and their spending of taxpayer dollars to ensure the services and programs they offer are what are best for Oklahomans.


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