City Council To Consider $7 Million Budget

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bob henline editor

The New Cordell City Council is currently considering a proposed budget of nearly $7 million dollars for the upcoming fiscal year. The current budget proposal for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2019, includes an estimated $6,756,653 in revenues and $6,854,576 in expenditures.

The overwhelming majority of the proposed budget centers around the New Cordell Utility Authority, which buys and sells water, electricity, and garbage services to Cordell residents. The NCUA budget assumes $4,656,800 in revenue and calls for $4,614,213 in expenditures. Almost half of the utility authority’s expenditures ($2,190,000) are allocated for the purchase of water and electricity, which are then resold to Cordell’s ratepayers.

Of the utility authority’s other six expenditure categories, four have proposed budget cuts and two are slated for increases.



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