It’s Time To Roll Back Outdated Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards

The Trump administration is trying to strike a blow for rational and honest government, so you know it’s getting a lot of pushback.

President Trump wants to roll back unattainable Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards imposed by President Obama, and it wants those revised fuel efficiency ratings to apply nationwide, including California. But the Golden State and environmentalists are rejecting the change. They prefer to live the “impossible dream.”

The original CAFE standards, which regulate car and light truck fuel economy, were passed by Congress in 1975, following the Arab oil embargo. The embargo exposed the vulnerability of a United States too dependent on other countries for oil.

Congress’s goal was to push carmakers toward more fuel-efficient cars so the U.S. would be less dependent on countries that might use crude oil as a political hammer. But like so many worthy policy goals, politics soon began to drive the agenda.


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