Pharmacy Choice Will Benefit Rural Areas

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A bill that should be heard on the House floor this week is House Bill 2632, otherwise known as the Patient’s Right to Pharmacy Choice Act.

This is free-market legislation that will allow patients the right to access the pharmacy of their choice and to save on the price of their prescription drugs. This is particularly important for people who live in rural areas. It’s good, too, for our local momand-pop pharmacies as it will allow them the ability to stay competitive with larger operations on price of prescription drugs. It’s these independent pharmacies that often develop a relationship with their customers and can deliver better quality of care and keep an eye on things such as drug interaction.

Currently, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMS) are allowed to operate in the state without much oversight by the state Insurance Commission. They are able to receive reimbursements after a sales transaction has taken place without having to offer any sort of justification for the rebate. They can pay PBM-owned pharmacies more than they pay independent pharmacies for the exact same drug. We’ve had reports of deceptive communications to patients implying the patients must use a PBMowned pharmacy or use PBM-owned mail order for their prescriptions.



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