City Council Considers Pet Ordinance Changes

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Noise, Safety, Smell, Animal Welfare Issues Raised During Meeting

Fueled by citizen concerns, the New Cordell City Council instructed city attorney Johnny Beech to draft a new pet ordinance during its March 15, 2019, meeting.

Several concerned residents appeared before the council last Friday to express their concerns about the city’s current pet ordinance. The concerns were focused upon the presence of multiple caged dogs on a property in the area of 11th and West in Cordell.

Under the current city ordinance, residents are limited to four dogs and/ or cats per person. In order to legally house more than four pets, a so-called pet hobbyist license must be obtained from the city.

“No person shall keep more than four (4) dogs, cats, or any combination of dogs and cats within the city limits, except as provided for in this chapter,” Section 4-123 of the city code reads. “Any person desiring to keep or maintain more than the limit of dogs and cats, as set in Section 4-123, may apply for a Pet Hobbyist Permit. The purpose of the Pet Hobbyist Permit is to ensure that any person who is keeping or maintaining a large number of dogs and/or cats within city limits is doing so in such a way as to humanely provide for the welfare of the animals and not create a nuisance within the city.”


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