Methane Rollback Will Actually Help the Environment

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When the Environmental Protection Agency issued a proposal last month to ease Obama-era restrictions on methane emissions from oil and gas facilities, green activists turned bright red with anger.

Unfortunately, their biggest worry seems to be the effect the proposed methane change will have on Obama’s legacy, not the environment. If they were actually interested in keeping the earth green, environmentalists would be championing the EPA’s proposal, not protesting it.

Why? Because the amended rule would at last give oil and gas firms adequate time to prevent methane leaks via thorough inspections and repairs.

Methane is a greenhouse gas released from oil and gas equipment -- like tanks, wells, and pipelines -- during fossil fuel production and transportation. Current methane rules require oil and gas firms to test wells for methane leaks every six months and fix detected leaks within 30 days. The EPA’s proposal would require annual inspections and allow 60 days for repairs.



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