Gossip is Destructive

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A rumor is an unconfirmed, widely spread story or statement. Rumors may or may not contain elements of truth, but their veracity is anyone’s guess—rumors carry no factual certainty. Rumors are also known as gossip, which is nothing short of the devil’s Ponzi scheme for sowing disunity. In politics, spreading rumors is a stock in trade. Politician operatives delight in using a ‘whisper’ campaign to discredit a client’s opponent. Like Willie Nelson they tell people they hear things when silence is all they hear. Will Rogers aid, “The only time people dislike gossip is when you gossip about them.” Everyone loves a good rumor, especially if it presents them as being part of an exclusive group. It’s just part of our fallen nature, but the fact is deliberately spreading rumors- either true or unsubstantiated- is unethical and unchristian.

Gossip in politics is a huge problem. It is often marketed under the euphemism like, “sharing our concern,” or “people have a right to know,” when the blabbermouth spreading the scuttlebutt really doesn’t care and people really don’t need to know.

In a recent campaign, a rumor was spread regarding a candidate’s health under the guises of “concern for them.” The fact is the busybody was trying to plant doubt in voter’s minds about the ability of the opponent to carry out the duties of the office. Shameful, unethical and unchristian behavior. Two thoughts on rumors and gossip:


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