New Editor Begins Work at The Beacon

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After traveling 1,900 miles from Montana to their new home, Bob and Melissa Henline caught their first sight of Cordell from the hill out by the bowling alley.

“We could see for miles and thought it was just beautiful,” said Bob, the new editor of The Cordell Beacon. “We felt an immediate sense of community and know this is going to be a perfect fit for us.”

Henline brings a wealth of experience to his duties at the Beacon, having been a journalist for more than 10 years.

“There is a lot of reporting in the world of newspapers today, but not a lot of journalism,” said Henline. “Journalism means asking questions and bringing sometimes difficult issues to light, more than just reporting that an incident occurred or that someone said something. It is time to bring journalism back to community news and that is exactly what


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