Tuition Rates Increase Despite Increased State Appropriations

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By State Representative Todd Russ


The State Regents for Higher Education last week approved tuition and fee hikes at many state colleges and universities for the coming school year. This means fulltime undergraduate students at these public institutions will pay an average of $224, about 4 percent, more to attend classes starting this fall. Many of the same schools just a year ago increased tuition and fees by an average of $284, or 5.3 percent. The schools say they’ve had to raise costs despite an increase in state appropriations this year because of past budget cuts during a statewide recession, and they are right that we did cut them. The last three years were historical with the drastic drop in oil prices, and in hard times I think the schools should curb expenses and scour their budgets to prioritize their programs and drop programs that have no business being funded with public money.


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