House Report

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By State Representative Todd Russ


I hear the frustration and anger expressed by teachers from throughout the state who are threatening to walk out of classrooms on April 2 in order to make a strong statement about receiving raises. I am married to a teacher and have other educators in my family. I have long been a supporter of public education and know the incredible benefits of having a highly qualified teacher in our classrooms to help our students reach their highest potential and be ready to lead our future.

I have fought long and hard during my tenure in the House to get teachers a pay raise. In fact, more than 20 measures have come across the House floor in the past year that would secure recurring revenue for these raises. I’ve voted time and again for these bills because I want to see teachers get a pay raise. As chairman of the House Appropriations & Budget Education Subcommittee, I will continue to work on this issue. I assure teachers, they have my full attention and the attention of many of my colleagues in the House and a walkout would not elevate that fact.


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