Let The Feud Begin Around Town

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Who knew it could be so much fun being part of a feud?

Cordell’s Berry family found out first hand this past April when they traveled to Atlanta to play “Family Feud” on television.

Their segment of the show will be aired on Thursday, October 12, 2017, at 6 p.m. local time on KOCB CW34 (Cable One channel 11, Dish channel 34, DirecTV channel 34).

Penny Berry said the family’s “Feud” adventure actually began when Straw was hospitalized for 26 days following a bad car wreck.

“We were looking for something to keep Straw entertained and in a happy frame of mind,” Penny explained. “What we found was Family Feud. We would play along and laugh. It was very therapeutic for us.”

During the time the family was at the hospital, daughter Jamie Allen noticed the game show was going to hold an audition in Oklahoma City.

“It was on December 19 and Jamie said we should audition to be on the show and then followed up by getting on her computer right then and filling out the application,” Penny continued.

The family hoped to tell Steve Harvey what a source of encouragement and hope he had been when they were going through a really hard time.

“We were one of 700 families who auditioned,” Penny remembered. “The producers said they weren’t looking so much for a family who could play the game really well, they were looking for a TV family, so we really turned on the charm.”

Jamie received a call during Spring Break asking if the family could be in Atlanta in April to tape the show.

“She immediately got everyone rounded up and committed,” Penny said, “and off we went. It was an absolute blast - so fun!”

When she was asked how it was decided who the family members would be on the show, Berry said they had all agreed it would be Straw, Penny and the adult children - Julie Thomas, Jay Edelen and Jamie.

“Jay was our captain,” added Penny.

She confirmed the family was able to tell Harvey about what they consider his ministry to them during Straw’s hospitalization.

When asked how he responded, Penny said, “He was obviously humbled. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to tell him how his comedy and down to earth manner really got us through a very difficult time, and share that on national television.”

Penny said it was an awesome experience, both to be on the show and to represent western Oklahoma

“Our community will be really proud of some of our answers,” Penny said with her trademark chuckle, “and they will wonder where some of the answers came from!”

Straw has begun his Cowboy Poet season, with several performances scheduled.

After several years at Cordell Public Schools, Penny has been at Western Technology for many years and currently serves as Assistant Superintendent--Director of Instruction.

Jay is the Superintendent of Arapaho Public Schools where Julie, who previously taught in Cordell, also teaches. Jamie is the Deputy Manager LTRO (Division of Land Titles and Records) at the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Anadarko.

When asked if there was going to be a “watch party” when the show aired, Penny said right now they are just planning to watch with the children and grandchildren.