Serious Policy Proposals Advance

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By State Representative Todd Russ.
I was pleased by some of the work we are getting done early in the legislative process. While in past years, many of the top priority bills have advanced in deadline weeks, we are seeing major bills going quickly through the process. One of the governor’s priorities has been the repair and maintenance of the Oklahoma State Capitol. A bill that will authorize bonds to finance repairs is already out of committee and will soon be heard on the Senate floor. The Capitol building literally has raw sewage leaking into the basement and disrepair on the outside of the building that is both an embarrassment and a safety hazard. Last year’s bill to fund repairs was torpedoed by the Oklahoma Supreme Court because it was coupled with a tax cut. Because that puts us even farther behind schedule, the governor is calling for a bond issue. I would prefer to pay as we go, but will support a ond issue if it is the only plan we can get consensus on between the Oklahoma House, Senate and the governor.