House Report

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By State Representative Todd Russ.
The Oklahoma economy is still very healthy and we saw revenues continue to go up in January in the state treasurer’s report. The unemployment rate has dropped by almost 2 percent and Oklahoma families have seen their incomes rise by more than 6.3 percent since 2011. Governor Mary Fallin has unveiled her fiscal year 2015 executive budget, the first step in the budget negotiation process as required by our state constitution. In it, she is calling for a $50 million increase for education, a $2.4 million increase for corrections and a $2 million increase for the state medical examiner’s office. To make these proposed increases in a responsible way, she is proposing a 5 percent budget cut too many other agencies. She is also calling for a quarter of a percent reduction to the state income tax and yet keeping state revenue healthy by eliminating certain tax credits.